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Totally fucking Ew man

Uh fuckady fuckady fuckady fuckady. That's pretty much what's been going through my head the past couple of weeks. I have alot of shit i need to get done for school, but i keep putting it off. So much fucking stress and bull shit drama from work...then to top it off...my mom still wants me to move to Texas.  Dont even get me started about Chris...so im not even gonna start.

   Right, yesterday was a pretty chill day. Went to school, took my fucking midterm which took forever...plus i forgot we were having a midterm so i didnt even study =P After class i kept craving a fag but i only have three left...and this shit is sappose to last me till my birthday...HAH..im not gonna make it dude...i just have a feeling. Got home and fell asleep...fucking operating on 2 hours of sleep is hard shit. Cell phone kept ringing so i woke up and picked it up...it was Kendall, she was at work and bored and wanted to do something. So of course we just chilled at Kendall's. Liser was in Temecula which made me sad =( but then Melancho called and i was like "OMG MELANIE HAS TO COME AND GET DRUNK!" So Melanie came..but she didnt get drunk. Got to Kendall's did the usual...drank...smoked...Mario Party...UNO...Soy Dos....weird pictures...yelling (i guess ur not sappose to jump when you live above someone else...my bad!)....made EVIL popcorn with the popcorn maker....and dont remember after that. Just funny ass funny shit hahaha. Went to bed at like...4ish cuz Kendall's cat's wouldnt shut the fuck up...and i really couldnt breathe for some reason. Kendall woke us up at 9 cuz she had to go to work which pissed me off sooooooo much. She decided to leave us with the key and we could leave whenever we needed to. Weird thing..i didnt fall back asleep...i just playing mancala with Melanie hahahahaha. Looked in my purse and realized i only have one cigarette left...bummmer!
Lets see...after we left Kendall's we went to Carl's Jr. in PQ cuz i wanted food...NOW. Just did typical Melancho and Carlo shit...i wouldnt be surprised if everyone at Carl's Jr thought we were lesbian lovers hahaha. Dropped Melancho off and now im home..but now im going to a bon fire so..uhh peace tigga.
<3 CArlo

PS: i hate you 
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