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That's not cool yo

Otay, so Halloween started off really shitty but then turned out pretty fucking rad yo.
Lets seeee, i went to school and found out i have to write two more papers...HURRAY! Whatever man. Got home and did my usual routine...then i remembered...'hey..i can go to work in my costume'...so i did! Except i had to wear leggins cuz my costume is too short yo haha. I got called in early cuz it was really slow and they wanted me to just intertain them..cuz im cool that way? So i just chilled and messed around with Stephanie and Leann...Leann and i were the only people that dressed up...but whatever..we're too cool to wear regular clothes yo. Leaan left and it was just Stephanie and i...fucking boooooooooooooooooring night. Only made like 2 dollars each in tips yo. Chris called while i was helping a customer and it kindda freaked me out. Actually it kindda pissed me off...ugh i dunno. While talking to Chris my eyelashes started to come off and then customers came in, so i had to get off the phone and help the mother fuckers...and what do you know!! my fucking eyelash totally fucking came off...grrr...so i had to glue it back on. Finally got off work and drove as fast as i could to Kendall's.
Showed up and it was fucking awesome yo. Liser passed out on a couch and Lorena was there!! Drank, smoked, smoked some more...drank some more...jello shots hahah...more drinks..more smoking ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shnap. i was soo fucking faded...salvia totally didnt help either. Melancho and Lorena had to leave but not worries...we'll reunite once more. Fell asleep in Kendalls bed which was crazy cuz 4 of us actually fit in it. Hahahahahahah, Liser was sick but i wanted to sleep next to the wall, but Liser called wall...so i slept next to Liser but would keep the blanket over my mouth so i wouldnt get sick hahahah. Lisa woke us up at i have no fucking clue, so she went to work out and all that good junk. Uh, fuck i really cant remember that day.
That night chilled with Chris which was kindda different. Being surrounded by pussy all time then transitioning to cock is weird. No worries no worries. Not gonna get into details, but i ended up being a mother fucking pussy and crying cuz..im crazy like that yo.
<3 Carlo
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