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fucking drama...again!!!


maybe some people do understand, but ignorant people that like to start shit cant understand it and never will. I guess i cant write shit in here anymore cuz people have to analyze every single fucking thing i say. What i say is fucking diarreha of the mouth, i dont think about it, i just fuking write. Fucking ugh, drama drama drama is all people like to cause. If people didn't go talking behind other peoples back or just confront other people...everything would be cool but no. We're girls, we cant just have an argument and walk away and make up...we have to hold grudges. I fucking wanna talk about it, but they dont. They just wanna drop everything...dropping everything would do nothing! We'd just hold grudges and not talk to each other, we'd just sit together and not talk. Just like how it was before. Talking about things would make everything soo much easier, we can get shit off our chest and tell people what we've been holding inside. I guess their just scared to face the truth without the safety of a computer screen. Whatever, i just hate doing it, but what has to be done is going to be done. Resolve to violence to solve this. I really dont want to, but i guess its the only way to get the message through. Whatever, i said what i said and i'm not going to take it back. I did what im best at...affending people. So if i affended you, take it as a complement.

<3 CArlo

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