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"i cant breathe i cant breathe!!"

Yesterday was my Birthday party, it was ok. Akilah, Lisa, Melancho, Farah, Kendall, my cousins, and my mom's friend came. But the one person i really really wanted to go didn't make it. It made my day total shit. Ugh, whatever i should have gotten use to it by now. Alright, the party was at my house and we just walked to Grand and we looked at the birds in bird heaven and the snakes at the reptile house...it was mighty cool. Then later Kendall came and she was like, "its your birthday, im gonna take you anywhere u wanna go." so i said Mission Beach. So we went and we went on the Giant Dipper and that shit...was the mother fucking shit. Then we walked along the beach and saw some people that took Melanchos idea, thats to play Sublime songs and get money for it. Then Kendall and i started talking about weed, and it made me miss it...ALOT! So i was like fuck it, im gonna smoke even though it means losing $10. Farah and i had a bet that i couldnt stop smoking till the end of the year..and i couldnt...so i loss $10...oh well. So we gave Andrew a call and no answer, then later Estabon called back asking if we callled Andrew...and you know where it leads to! We ended up going to PQ at that pathetic thing they called a "show" and smoked. That's the fucking longest i've ever had to wait to get smoked out, but whatever it was worth it.


 im sucha dumb ass, i thought the pinatas came with candy,but THEY DONT!!

just needed beer

yeah....we're still sitting

my cousin aka Lisa's future husband, is in a tree

yeah whatever i suck.

looks like Farah is bout to wack the shit out of Melancho

yeah thats the end.


PS: Thanks again Andrew *hug*



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