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Hmm i'm just sitting here in class and have nothing better to do but of course go on livejournal and write an entry...soooooooo here i go! Actually i have way too much on my mind right now i have no idea where to start. I have typical girl problems and problems that i really shouldnt have to be dealing with.
Typical girl problems: PROM, fucking of course!! No one has plans except for the hotel party, and im still lagging on that part. No one has no fucking clue how they are getting there and its just AHHHHHHH! im done im tired of it, i just want to say fuck it and not go anymore. The main and probably only reason i'm going is because my mom desperately wants me to go.
Problems that have been floating in the back of my brain: Chris....hmmm or should he be typical girl problem??? whatever, ugh after he went camping with the family my mom started talking to me about Chris more often. She keeps asking me if im sure if i want to be with him, or she just fucking flat out tells me "you're gonna find someone better than him and you'll be happy." It really fucking pisses me off because half the shit she is saying...i know it's true. I know there's going to be a point in time where i'm just gonna say "Fuck it, i cant stand your shit anymore." even though it wouldnt be a first, this time i'll just actually mean it. The fucking shit he pulled off saturday didn't really help the situation either. Like i see it this way...if you want to hang out with your friends...by all means go right ahead. I'm not going to hold you back and say you can't have a social life, but when you fucking make me your transportation to your friends every single time you come down to see me (which is bullshit, cuz you just tell ur mom ur coming down to see me and go see ur friends)...thats when i fucking get pissed. All your other friends have cars...they couldnt fucking drive up and pick you up?!? It's just..UGH!! Whatever...just seems like this whole entry is me venting about all the negative shit about Chris. It's just been bugging me...

<3 Carlo

P.S. Greg i am sorry for your loss
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