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fuckiung emo emo emo

im tired of pretending not to care about shit when i really do. It's something i feel like i have no control over. Even when the question "whats bothering u?" is asked, my only response is "nothing" which is never true....no matter how many times it's asked...my answer is still going to be nothing. i wish i could flat out say what i'm thinking, but it's always misundertood or doesnt make any sense what so ever. I guess im just tired of my own stupidity. I'm fucking tired of not being taken seriously, and whatever i have to say is shit. just fucking...whatever...im just here to be looked at and not heard.. and i fucking cant stand it anymore. I'm fucking damn sick and tired of having these doubts about Chris and then shit happening that really doesnt help the situation. it's really hard for me to believe that he's trying to get his shit straight, and he's still coming down to play the "cool yos drug lord" everyone loves and knows. overall...im just tired of nothing happening. I've been waiting for shit to change and they haven't. I know i have to put some effort into making a change...but it always turns around to smack me across the face and i'm back at where i started. giving up looks like my only option...

Oh yeah, prom was last night. Wasn't exactly the way i wanted it to go...but i still had some fun because i have the weirdest fucking friends alive. 
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