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I've been waiting for this for a long time

Alright, so High School is over with and i feel so releaved because of it. All this dumb shit drama, having to deal with teachers that should really retire, and feeling trapped inside a prison is over with. Only thing is...i'm kind of scared. ME...scared?!! FUCK YES I AM!! Never in my life have i had this much responsibility and freedom. I'm happy...but then scared if i fuck up and end up dissapointing myself. I feel like those fucking bitches that have their life planned out and know exactly what they're doing. Even though it's just setting yourself up, because if your plan doesnt go exactly as you wanted it to... the fucking world comes to an end. My plan really needs to work out, or i'll be totally fucked. Everyone thinks i'm fucking retarded for wanting to join the military after college, but it's something i really want to do. Ugh, whatever
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